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Ristretto4 $7.98 40 Gt 500 Mt. 500 Gt linux server plane 2 1
Perfetto1 $9.99 SSD60 Gt 2 Gt Ei mitattu linux server plane 2 1
Perfetto1-R2 $11.7 SSD60 Gt 1 Gt 1 Tt windows server plane 2 1
Perfetto2-R2 $14.99 SSD80 Gt 2 Gt Ei mitattu windows server plane 2 1
Perfetto2 $14.99 SSD80 Gt 2 Gt Ei mitattu linux server plane 2 2
Perfetto3-R2 $19.77 SSD100 Gt 2 Gt Ei mitattu windows server plane 2 2
Perfetto3 $19.99 SSD100 Gt 3 Gt Ei mitattu linux server plane 2 2
Perfetto4 $22.23 SSD150 Gt 4 gigatavua Ei mitattu linux server plane 2 3
Perfetto4-R2 $25 SSD150 Gt 4 gigatavua Ei mitattu windows server plane 4 2
Perfetto5 $29.66 SSD200 Gt 4 gigatavua Ei mitattu linux server plane 2 4
Perfetto5-R2 $30 SSD200 Gt 6 Gt Ei mitattu windows server plane 4 4
Perfetto6-R2 $35.01 SSD250 Gt 8 Gt Ei mitattu windows server plane 4 4
Perfetto6 $39.56 SSD250 Gt 6 Gt Ei mitattu linux server plane 2 4
Perfetto7-R2 $45.01 SSD300 Gt 10 Gt Ei mitattu windows server plane 4 6
Perfetto7 $50.02 SSD300 Gt 8 Gt Ei mitattu linux server plane 2 4
Paketti Hinta Levytila RAM Kaistanleveys Käyttöjärjestelmä Oma IPS Suorittimen määrä Paneelit
Altura-3 $19.02 SSD50 Gt 2 Gt 4 Tt linux server plane 4 1
Altura-3 $24.02 SSD50 Gt 4 gigatavua 4 Tt windows server plane 4 1 VerkkosivustoPaneeli
Ankola-3 $30.02 SSD100 Gt 4 gigatavua 4 Tt linux server plane 4 2
Ankola-3 $35.03 SSD100 Gt 6 Gt 4 Tt windows server plane 4 2 VerkkosivustoPaneeli
Barista-3 $47.04 SSD200 Gt 6 Gt Ei mitattu linux server plane 6 4
Barista-3 $52.04 SSD200 Gt 8 Gt Ei mitattu windows server plane 6 4 VerkkosivustoPaneeli
Barahona-3 $64.05 SSD300 Gt 8 Gt Ei mitattu linux server plane 6 6
Barahona-3 $69.06 SSD300 Gt 10 Gt Ei mitattu windows server plane 6 6 VerkkosivustoPaneeli
Matari-3 $81.06 SSD400 Gt 10 Gt Ei mitattu linux server plane 8 8
Moshi-3 $98.08 SSD500 Gt 12 Gt Ei mitattu linux server plane 8 10
Moshi-4 $120.1 SSD600 Gt 16 Gt Ei mitattu linux server plane 6 12
Moshi-5 $142.11 SSD700 Gt 20 Gt Ei mitattu linux server plane 8 14
Moshi-6 $164.13 SSD800 Gt 24 Gt Ei mitattu linux server plane 8 16
Moshi-6 $164.13 SSD800 Gt 24 Gt Ei mitattu windows server plane 8 16
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.com .info .net .org $14.8
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Soho $1.96 Rajoittamaton Ei mitattu linux server plane 1 CPanel
Soho $2.48 Rajoittamaton Ei mitattu windows server plane 1 VerkkosivustoPaneeli
Liiketoiminta $3.49 SSDRajoittamaton Ei mitattu linux server plane Rajoittamaton CPanel
Liiketoiminta $3.98 SSDRajoittamaton Ei mitattu windows server plane Rajoittamaton VerkkosivustoPaneeli
Mocha $5.6
5,53 € ensimmäisen kauden jälkeen
SSDRajoittamaton Ei mitattu linux server plane Rajoittamaton CPanel
Mocha $6.22 SSDRajoittamaton Ei mitattu windows server plane Rajoittamaton VerkkosivustoPaneeli
Paketti Hinta Levytila Kaistanleveys Käyttöjärjestelmä Sivustojen lukumäärä Paneelit
Mokka2 $9.87 SSD25 Gt Ei mitattu linux server plane Rajoittamaton CPanel, WHM
Mokka2 $11.64 SSD25 Gt Ei mitattu windows server plane Rajoittamaton Plesk
Espresso $14.14 SSD35 Gt Ei mitattu linux server plane Rajoittamaton CPanel, WHM
Espresso $16.64 SSD35 Gt Ei mitattu windows server plane Rajoittamaton Plesk
Latte $21.22 SSD55 Gt Ei mitattu linux server plane Rajoittamaton CPanel, WHM
Latte $24.98 SSD55 Gt Ei mitattu windows server plane Rajoittamaton Plesk
Americano $25.81 SSD60 Gt Ei mitattu windows server plane Rajoittamaton Plesk
Cappuccino $34.16 SSD80 Gt Ei mitattu windows server plane Rajoittamaton Plesk
Americano2 $50 SSD70 Gt Ei mitattu linux server plane Rajoittamaton CPanel, WHM
Macchiato $50.83 SSD100 Gt Ei mitattu windows server plane Rajoittamaton Plesk
Cappuccino 2 $65.01 SSD100 Gt Ei mitattu linux server plane Rajoittamaton CPanel, WHM
Macchiato2 $75.02 SSD150 Gt Ei mitattu linux server plane Rajoittamaton CPanel, WHM
Altura2 $84.92 SSD100 Gt Ei mitattu linux server plane Rajoittamaton CPanel, WHM
Barista2 $155.08 SSD250 Gt Ei mitattu linux server plane Rajoittamaton CPanel, WHM
Moshi2 $295.19 SSD500 Gt Ei mitattu linux server plane Rajoittamaton CPanel, WHM

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157 Kommentit


May 03, 2010 05:18
We have recently purchased plesk reseller account with mochahost, everything worked well from payment to activation of the account, also for around 15 days plesk panel also worked fine, but suddenly before 15 days, we have received complaints from our customer who hosted under mochahost reseller account, that they are not able to access control panel, we have forwarded issue to mochahost tech support, issue i was getting as follows, while loggoing into control panel

ERROR: PleskFatalException
wrong id

0: UserClient.php:24
UserClient->__construct(NULL null)
1: class.Session.php:225
2: auth.php3:396

Now when i am opened over 5 support ticket to them for same issue, their representative told me to Shift DotNetPanel as i...


Apr 28, 2010 01:21
Do not use this company for hosting! I am a web developer. I use many hosting services and this has by far the most problems I have ever encountered. I have spent hours trying to track down why I could not pull up their address, any of their cpanels for web control. their phone numbers were out of order. If you cant access their livechat, your stuck.
The killer mistake I made was to transfer a domain name to these people. The ICANN rules are that you have to leave a domain parked for 60 days. I cant access the panel for domain name forwarding so I cant even use these shleps as a passthrough to another hosting company.
I have a long list of email responses that were the biggest run around.


David McLure

Apr 24, 2010 06:06
I have a VPS purchase experience to share.

I spent a lot of time chatting with the Mochahost reps before making my purchase, so after doing what felt like my due diligence with these people, I felt very confident that proceding with my switch from to was the right thing to do.

Looking at the details, I later realized that what first seemed like lower costs were actually nearly comparable - all things considered - as Mochahost has a way of hiding costs in somewhat tricky ways. But no, matter, given the 30-day money back guarantee, I figured I was safe trying Mochahost as a VPS vendor, to see what I might be missing. After all, their chat feature was a nice change and I felt encouraged by their chat reps that everything would be OK.

Cut ...

John R. Gilmore, Jr

Apr 19, 2010 05:33
First off, let me state that I do not mind having technical problems. I only mind if they are not addressed properly.

I set up my domain and hosting with mochahost and should have read the reviews first. I couldn't get anything accomplished using their cpanel. I kept receiving the message, "Please wait, loading" when accessing various areas of the cpanel. Sometimes I would receive a page cannot be displayed message.

Since I am technical, I didn't jump the gun and assume it was them. I used to do tech support for cable so I knew the standard things to check: pings, tracerouts, throughput, browser settings, etc. Everything was fine on my end so I submitted a ticket.

They responded and told me to do the things I already did and said that everything is...


Apr 16, 2010 01:25
The only time you hear from these guys is when the think you owe them money. Bills are sent 5 months in advance and keep coming every few days until it is paid. If there is a problem with the site it can be weeks before the problem is solved. They spend more time on trivial responses that have nothing to do with the problem than anything useful. The only way to contact them is by an email ticket - each of which requires at least 24 hours before a reply. This can go on for days with no resolution to a problem and causes more lost uptime than necessary. Trying to move from them can also be very hard since the process involves many emails back and forth with imaginary deadlines used adn further bills "owed" to thwart a move. Stay away from this host!

Jacquii Cooke

Apr 15, 2010 10:13
Copied in part from where I have updated my 2007 review of MochaHost

I am totally DISGUSTED with MochaHost - While their customer support was to be admired - it no longer is that way unfortunately. See the screencap of the most recent support ticket fiasco I'm experiencing because of their subpar service:

That is just ONE example of the ABSOLUTE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE I have experienced with them in the past several weeks. I'm beginning to think they are an "English as 2nd language" type of scam...

They also oversell their accounts. When your sites get popular...

Jason Alex

Jan 29, 2010 09:37
Not much to get what you pay for. I provide professional service to a variety of clients. I subscribed for windows hosting. The Plesk Panel supplied by Mochahost, crashes and is essentially unusable. This host is definaltely one you want to avoid. I have 2 years left on a 3 year bad.

John Peterson

Apr 03, 2010 12:52
I'm not sure what the other reviewers are thinking, but this host is a Scam and a Fraud.. And a group of ex customers have filed complaints with all federal and state consumer protection agenices. They will evenually pull a bait and switch scam on the customer then give them an ultimatum.

Not withstanding that little detail, The hosting uptime is terrible... We have independent uptime stats for the last 3 months of over 100 web sites hosted at this host, they have been down over 145 times during just 3 months.

There customer support is extremely incompetent. They only have a couple of agents that use different aliases when dealing with customers. The agents do not know a thing about web hosting. There entire platform is flawed and full of bugs and problems. If ...


Mar 30, 2010 02:59
I never had to deal with such a bad company in my whole life.

First of all they don't have technical support (as you know it) they dont have anyone that answer the phone, all you can do using their phone number is leave them a message. They wont ever call you back.

I've been suspended (without any warning) they told me my website was using too much resources / cpu intensive, i've never been told that in the past and been with many other hosting company. They wanted me to upgrade to the VPS they offer but this whole time (5 days) my business website has been down. I've went many many time through their live chat system, but no help. Sent a huge amount of tickets, going back and forth with their techs, asking me stupids questions such as what is your domain name, whats your...


May 21, 2010 06:16
We have spent a lot of time to try out and unfortunately it has been much of a nightmare. First the positive. Mochahosting prices are reasonable and cheap. They have online chat. Unfortunately that is about all that is good. attitude is very bad and their replies on the online chat is very rude and they will try to get you off as fast as possible by telling you to write an email to them. They will also terminate the chat even while you are typing the issue or problem. Their servers are slow and has had a good amount of downtime or server on error issues. Their control panel ALWAYS stalls and often crashes with errors. It is hard for this company to call themselves a web hosting company. They lack good tech support, they lack etiquette, they lack good...


Mar 16, 2010 11:58
Very very bad hosting as well as poor technical support


Feb 27, 2010 06:18
They have a bait and switch plan. Signed for a two year plan which included free domain registration for two years. After the first year, the domain stopped working. Contacted them, and they said because I have not used it enough (i'm building the site part time), my domain was on hold and I would have to pay between $100 to $200 to retrieve. They understood I pre-paid for two years already with the domain, but it did not matter. After many many subsequent messages (most with no replies), I was stuck. They would also not provide a phone number or address to their legal department. A year later (two years total), they tried to charge my credit card for renewal. What! they lost my domain name, and I cannot access their system and they want a renewal? Go elsewhere.

Who knows

Feb 17, 2010 11:22
I never have worked the worst company like Mochahost.7days left We bougth VPS but settings still havent done yet. its incredable.Im very sad for choosing mochahost.


Apr 04, 2010 10:09
I bought their dedicated server in January 2010, and server was Ok, but was asked to move to new server in March 2010. The new server was so slow and my site is losing traffic. I have paid thousands of dollars to promote my site till now. I have communicated many time to the tech people. They insisted on no problem on their side and this is what I get. I paid about $2500 annual fee for the server, now I only used less than three months. My sites are so slow and they are useless to put on this server. I am running a business and everything stops because of this. My portal site is losing traffic, because viewers cannot access to the site, or so slow that they lose interest as my site stream news videos.
I am so sick of the company and I am stuck with it and donnot know what to do now. ...


Jun 01, 2010 01:36
Just ordred a 2-year-Business Plan on 20-05-2010
get what?

1. DAY: after my Paypal payment, they sent me an Email asking to do the payment. i did open a ticked and uploaded a screenshot of my Paypal as a Prof of my Payment. as Answer from there billing Support! please provide us the TransactionID to track the payment. I Did.

2. DAY: payment Confirment on 26-05-2010, Welcome Mail on 27-05-2010 + Registration mail of my domain name. can't Login to the Cpanel USING the Alternative link of mochahost! opned a new ticked. They ask me to provide domain name and User account!!!!!! i dont know why we should give name, domain, email, and the Question befor ech chatsession !

Problem Solved: they gave me a wrong username in the Welcome mail LOL!

Today 01-06-2010 (...


Aug 14, 2010 12:41
We have spent a lot of time to try out and unfortunately it has been much of a nightmare. First the positive. Mochahosting prices are reasonable and cheap. They have online chat. Unfortunately that is about all that is good. attitude is very bad and their replies on the online chat is very rude and they will try to get you off as fast as possible by telling you to write an email to them. They will also terminate the chat even while you are typing the issue or problem. Their servers are slow and has had a good amount of downtime or server on error issues. Their control panel ALWAYS stalls and often crashes with errors. It is hard for this company to call themselves a web hosting company. They lack good tech support, they lack etiquette, they lack good...


Jul 22, 2010 06:02
I signed up for the Americano2 hosting plan with Mochahost on 7/10/10. At the time I signed up, I registered a domain to be used as my primary hosting domain because you had to either register a domain or transfer a domain to sign up for hosting. Once my hosting account was set up, I contacted Mochahost and told them I wanted to change my primary domain. It was a domain name that was available, but not yet registered. They told me I had to register the new domain through them and they would make the change. I registered the new domain with Mochahost and they changed my account so that the new domain was the primary domain associated with the hosting account.

On 7/14/10, I decided to cancel my hosting with Mochahost due to server issues and the fact that Mochahost tech suppor...

John Milton

Nov 05, 2010 02:50

we would like to bring to your attention that be very careful with Mochahost in terms of money back. We would like to share our experience of Mochahost with you so that someone else can be more careful with them next time.

We bought Perfetto-1 Windows from them and guess what. After few days they said we cannot access control unless we upgrade to Perfetto-2 and we did.

After two weeks of server purchase the server was not usable and their support is the worst we have even seen. They dont even know what to do. They put the blame on you or others. we are ready to share some of the incompetent support emails from them if anyone wants to them.

After long wait we had enough and said to them to cancel our account and for a refund. We had paid for 6 months. They...


Nov 03, 2010 02:41
Hi, This is the worst hosting company I have ever used. I lost the whole control panel of my VPS 3 times in 2 months time (in fact, the whole VPS was disappeared for the last time). For the first time I lost the control panel, I was stupid enough to upgrade my package in order to get a more stable server.

Anyway, finally I had enough and tried to get refunded from them. I was told that I can't get my refund as I upgraded my package so it's not convered by thier so-call 180days-risk-free wanranty. Here are their mail quoted.

------- -------

We need to inform you that since you have Upgrade your plan there is no refund.
Please agree with this.

The 30 days money back guarantee and 180 Days Risk Free do NOT cover the following:

• Upgrade/Do...

David Dunn

Nov 01, 2010 06:58
Failed to renew my URL domain on time- lost my website, they were unable/unwilling to repair- Login to cPanel constantly failed.


Oct 11, 2010 10:42
Mochahost - deceivers.
1.5 year ago has placed with them sites. The tariff plan business. They had action, reduction of price at payment of 3th years. In 1 year after payment it was offered to me to pass to the plan in 10 times more. About 3$ on 23$.
Thus they do not give statistics about excess of consumption of resources. They do not give a data access for optimisation. They do not respond to inquiries while you will not pass to the new tariff. All who has bought the tariff for 3 years - are compelled to pass on 23$.
Their low prices is a deceit. As a result it will turn out on much more. I from them have left.


Oct 06, 2010 08:43
Terrible customer service and up time.
They need to say its 20% uptime and no way to call and talk to someone. their parallels is SUPER slow and you should skip and go with another company.

Darin Boyd

Oct 05, 2010 05:41
In all of my 14 years of dealing with hosting companies, I can say that Mocha is the worst of them by far.

The site is nice and does a great job of setting you at ease, but after the sale, the customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. They go to great lengths not to do anything about technical issues and you will not get a real human being to talk to.

I felt comfortable buying based on the 180 days / 100% uptime guarantee. The site has been down several times within just a few weeks resulting in numerous support tickets that were quite futile.

The site is down again today and I am praying that I can get to my data to migrate back to Host Gator. The only reason I migrated to Mocha is because I needed good Java support. There really is nothing good ab...

Rob Norwell

Jun 06, 2010 05:13
I am new to Mochahost. I signed up for a plan that included 2 lifetime free domain hostings. I chose to transfer 2 domains to Mocha from other registrars (got billed for both of them, but that's not the big problem). I am having an awful time completing the transfer of one of the domains. It may be the past registrar's fault, but the lack of one on one support from Mocha leaves me in the dark.

Twice I logged on to their live-chat to ask for specific answers to my current status and both times they un-cerimoniously ended the live support with a link to start a ticket. I am not exagerating. The support stopped talking to me and left me typing to nobody the first time. The second time I used CAPS to imply I was angry and used censored swearing (i.e. S***). Immediately after that I r...


Sep 22, 2010 03:46
Billing is too unreliable they didn't send us any invoice then they suspended our account and according to my BILLING SYSTEM LOGIN they are charging us 15 dollars to activate the account.


Sep 13, 2010 08:36
I can't say whether they are bad hosting or not because they merely charged my card and didn't bother themselves to send me an activation letter. I tried to ask for tech support several times and every time they promised to response - but situation still remains the same: card is charged and no other results. Of course 20 bucks are not a sum to talk about but I'm really feeling like a fool.


Sep 07, 2010 07:20
The live operators have no clue about what they are talking about, they are rude, unhelpful and they leave you with no answers whatsoever... worst webhosting ever... if you ever do buy a hosting with them make sure your domain is far from them...

Rebecca Christopherson

Aug 19, 2010 07:26
The design process went pretty smoothly, but their tech support is awful. It never takes less than a day and often takes more than three days to resolve an issue. No matter how much information I supply in the initial email they will sent me endless emails back requesting the same information. And every now and then they can't find our account. Worse, although my contract assures me of phone and internet support, every phone number goes to an answering service and it is impossible to get a human being. It makes me feel like they are going out of business and hiding from everyone! Their unresponsiveness has rendered my email/website useless for days on end and caused material damage to my business. Do not use!!


Aug 17, 2010 03:13
I wanted to renew 1 of my domains here and they invoiced it with 3 others that I did not want anymore, I have tried to get them to separate the invoice for 6 days so I could pay for the renewal of the 1 domain that I did want and they still have not allowed me to renew the domain. DO NOT USE THERE SERVICE!!!

Feb 16, 2010 09:35
This is what I am seeing.. You Get what you pay for..

I am seeing pretty much the same exact complaints as everyone else
1. Plesk is the worst piece of software. Is it really Plesk or do you just have over worked servers that you are overloading. In all the reviews that I have read. Plesk has been an issue for months and mine is becoming unusable. If it really is Plesk why don't you hold their feet to the fire for a fix or take your business else where.

2. The absolutely rude support team they have. Non responsive and just down right rude. It takes days to get one little issue fixed that should have only taken a few minutes to fix. 99.9% uptime is load a crap if you have several issues a year and you are down for 5 -10 days at a time for a issue that could have been...


Aug 14, 2010 09:50 is terrbily run. I wouldn't even recommend this hosting company to my enemy. The service is poor and they will always avoid telling you the server has a problem because perhaps they are worried they will be sued with written evidence. Regardless, the servers have a lot of down time and the support is very slow to fix the issue. The tech support is also very rude. You cannot trust this hosting company. If you have a valuable website, try to host it with a more reputable hosting company.

Sep 15, 2010 12:11
Horrible technical support. Keep making you repeat your problems to them over and over again during the same day with no clue or misleading solution for your problems. 2 major issues with them. First is the Plesk database upload is down. No solution or what so ever. Just tell you too bad. After almost 30 days, we had to cancel the plan because that is the maximum limit of the money back guarantee. After a couple of weeks, we create a totally new account. Instead of creating an new account that stated in the Welcome Mail, the support didn't do anything till we contact the Live Help a day later. The Live Help make us wait for a few hrs before asking us to submit a ticket. The support reply is use back the old account (different name with new account). We told them it is the wrong username...

Feb 16, 2010 08:22
I need to preface this entire review by saying.. I have never ever done a review before at all. NEVER.. But I feel so strongly about this that they have pushed me over the edge to a breaking point where I would not wish the past 5 days on my worst enemy.. I would rather put red hot pokers in my eyes than to ever have to deal with this company every again... I am a pretty patient person as I work in the software industry as a DBA. So I know what it is like to do support..

If I had ever treated a client as badly as I have with MochaHost I would not have a job.. I have dealt with some of the largest clients in world and if I EVER told a customer that" I don't know when there is going to be a fix and I just have to deal with it" I guarantee you one of two things would hav...


Jan 29, 2010 12:28
Mochahost review:
1. control panel - Poor
2. Customer Support - Poor.
3. Uptime - Average / Poor
4. Price - Okay
5. Unlimited plan? They will threaten to suspend your account if they think you are reselling their plans, even when you are not.
6. Overall - Poor

In detail.
1. Control panel - Poor. always stalls and mochahost claims it is a bug with Plesk. Very difficult to get any work done when the control panel stalls about 90% of the time
2. Customer Support - Poor. Very slow to answer. They will not answer all your questions. It seems there is a serious communication problem. Or they just do not know the answer to the questions. They will try to get you off their online chat as fast as possible by sending you to submit a ticket. When you submit a ti...

blerim pema

Feb 05, 2010 04:56
These guys are HORRIBLE. Just stay way from them. I have never been so dissatisfied from hosting companies in my life! :(((

Carlos Sierra

Jan 09, 2009 07:36
Non-existent support after 30 day money-back warranty expires, the support expires too!
Have *many* problems with emails; all of em marked as spam by our very own mail servers; have reported this many times no answer at all from them

Tim Riley

Feb 06, 2009 06:32

1. "ANY" telephone call to this company and select sales or tech support or affiliate or what ever prompt... everytime... you will get a phone message to leave your number as they are busy and will call you back. DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH. I have left several messages - NEVER RETURNED THE CALL!!!

2. Tech Support via ticketing is great if you have 2-4 days for a response!! and servers mysteriously change settings every 3-4 days!!!

Enough is Enough.... STAY AWAY


Feb 19, 2009 04:16
In a summary I opened the account one day, and closed the next day. The contorl panel for windowd does not work well. Features were not available and when you submit a ticket, you better sit down and wait,, they never got abck on time to answer tickets. The control panel hang during certain operations.
I left a very good hoster because Mocha was using 2008. and now I regrent so much doing that transfer. The other company was not big, but the support team was great. Always answered my request promptly. Stay away from mochahost

Simon Templar

Mar 20, 2009 03:11
MochaHost is what I was expecting for, and I should say, worse than what I feared after reading comments on many forums. I have been tempted by the price, according to what they give. On that part, it's hard to find better. But at the minute you need help, the customer service is worse than what you can imagine. Just for an example: they have an afiliate program, I have refered 3 persons I know to MochaHost (because of the price), they now have completed there 30 days refundable period and I have never been paid for the commission I should've received. Tell me how could it be possible, is'nt it supposed to be automatic? According to there control panel, yes, but in the reality, NO! I've submited a ticket regarding this and I'm still waiting, 9 days after submitting!

Be aware that...


Mar 26, 2009 05:44
We warn the public from choosing Mochahost as their hosting platform.
Slow in reply (if at all), incompetent in understanding and answering and worst of the worst ... LIARS!
They say 30 days moneyback guarantee? HAHA, they wouldn't even bother. Maybe they bother to come to the court hearing later!

As a business, we will do anything it takes to close this buch of worthless junks down to protect others from being conned into their scam!

Lee Ming

Apr 07, 2009 09:52
I contacted Mocha Host a few times by live support having seen reviews on this site. I asked them if they could help me to understand why there are so many poor reviews about them before I buy their service. They told me these reviews are all fake and they will be suing people!! I tested them out a few times. The most recent was when I was about ready to buy. The guy was quite nice and professional to start with but then when I asked him how long it would take to transfer my sites ot theirs using their transfer service he said it was impossible to tell. This is crazy...sure he might want more information (ie how many domains do you you have databases etc.) but to suggest it s impossible is crazy. Then he tells me that I cannot speak with his management - they do not wor...

Steven Voorhees

Apr 08, 2009 11:12
MochaHost says that they are a solution for businesses. If your business doesn't matter to you, then MochaHost is for you. Research shows that if your website doesn't load in 5-8 seconds you will lost 1/3 of your customers. MochaHost averages 12.8 seconds. On a daily basis I would encounter Network Interruptions and Network Timeouts. According to the server status much of the time the server was running at 7.91 out of 8 processors with 89% memory used. Consulting with Technical Support they said that there is nothing wrong with the server. Wrong. Those numbers indicate that the server is getting overloaded, which is unacceptable. Beware of the false pricing on their website. They make it look good, when in fact the prices are much higher than advertised.

Galani Maria

Apr 10, 2009 12:58
I have been a customer with mochahost for 3 years now and the experience so far has been great ! I did participate both in their customer survey of last year as well as I have submitted a client testimonial which I hope they include it soon on their site as well ( I will be submitting a formal testimonial here as well once I complete rebuilding my site.

I have been referring a lot of my colleagues (I am writer) which needed to get inexpensive but reliable hosting service. Most of my folks were able to get their sites setup within a day or so using mocha's site builder or one of the available blog tools. I did even join their affiliate program and have received so far $250 in commissions !

No downtime, good anti-spam protection and PLE...

Ramkumar Srinivasan

Jun 16, 2009 11:07
The support team is pathetic and so is the billing always takes 24-48hrs for any response and almost 3-4 days to close a issue. I had a billing issue wherein my account got suspended due to non payment and i have been behind it for more than 4 days now and the response process is so slow that i have my hairs standing straight.

i do business with Directi and hostgator and a lot other companies but never had seen a slow system in place. The chat support team gives a standard one liner Sir you will have to wait for a reply to u r ticket and terminate the session before u r through with them.

I truly came to u for the low cost and looking at alternative business partners but my starting exp is itself quite bad

Jon P

Jun 17, 2009 11:40
how is this company still in business? i really wish i had read the reviews first. i was promised unlimited everything... and got almost nothing. the sites ran 10 times slower than our previous host, our "unlimited space" was far from.... we were cut off the moment our site ran up 20gb of traffic. when i called to ask, i was promised a return call. several days later, i called again. same thing. its been almost a month, and i cant get a straight answer.

***********************AVOID THIS COMPANY ***********************

C. Henseler

Jul 10, 2009 11:43
I have been with Mochahost for a bout year now. Never had problems, up until now.
I uploaded about 5 gb of pictures via the ftp. Thereafter my account was suspended and nobody bothered to tell me why. I enquired about 3 times and nobody knew why my account has been suspended. After that I was confronted with a bill which i paid. Still the account remained suspended. After further investigation and emails, I was told that I breached the contract. I was advised someone would resolve the issue for me.... No anwser for 4 weeks (site still down). Today I went ahead and asked them if they would talk to me/unsuspend my account etc. however if they intend to keep charging me without providing service ... I advised to have my account terminated and my money back... Wow 4 hours later I had a ...


Jul 11, 2009 09:12
They don't like to payout to their affiliate marketers for generated sales. Their affiliate stats are not updated and are not real time. Billing dept can't respond to why they won't recognize affiliate sales thru their tracking system. Plainly speaking their affiliate program is bunk...otherwise their hosting package is a fair deal...

Hans Meier

Jul 21, 2009 10:11
Have been with Mocha for 3 month. They where OK until right after the 30 day guarantee. They have absolutely no customer support. They are a cheap reseller for Do not use them. They will waste your time and not solve any problems that occur.

The phone number is a gag! There is no phone support.

Georgi Getov

Aug 20, 2009 04:46
Mocha is the worst hosting company I have ever dealt with. Features ok but overall it is absolutely useless. There are problems literaly every 10 minutes. Live chat provides you with template answers and are not help, ticket system takes 3 days to respond for the simplest things. The Plesk Control Panel is slowwwww verrrrrry slowww you will need 10 minutes to setup a FTP account. Please consider before you buy that crap. To setup a database and user for it wit full privileges you will need to submit a ticket there is no actual option in the Control Panel. Website hosted on mocha are slow. The only people happy with mocha are bloggers and other amateurs.


Aug 25, 2009 09:05
I ordered the business plan private JVM. Everything looks great, the price is reasonable. I may still going to cancel that due to some function is not operating correctly. I have not try the all function provided at the cpanel. But the ftp and private JVM start/stop looks fine. Have not encounter any down time. Unfortunately, the SVN (subversion) is not working and their support not able to resolve that for a few day. They response time is alright, like twice a day. The SVN problem is that I am never able to connect to that! Mochahost claim that it is my port is not open, but I am able to connect to other public svn host and do checkout just fine. I also email offical subversion mailing list and no one able to connect to that. One thing is bothering me a little too is their i...

S Patel

Sep 07, 2009 02:45
I originally joined Mocha because they offer Java Servlet Support, and their prices are incredibly competitive, however the service I have recieved over the last year is incredibly poor. All the other comments about their customer service are completely true.
The Live Chat support may as well be replaced by a robot that responds with the same response every time
"I cannot help you with this. Please raise a Support Ticket"

The support ticket system is generally reponded to within a day, however if it needs escalating or passing to another team, you can expect to be without for a few days.

Then there is reliability. No major outages, but quite commonly my website will become unavailable because of another user on the same server breaking it (which I suppose c...

Suman Ghosh

Sep 17, 2009 09:09
Hosting Plan: Espresso (Windows)

I have actually made a mistake by chosing to host at mochahost, the support is pathetic. One day I found my database tables missing. Although I could log in to my account and see the number of tables in my database, I could not access them. When I submitted a ticket, they just responded to tell me that InnoDB has crashed and thats it. They don't take any responsibility whatsoever, and its me who was at a total loss, didn't know whether to rely on this service anymore.

Go through the chat log with the support guy and see how rude and unhelpfull they are:

Chat InformationPlease wait for a site operator to respond.

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'Sandy'

Sandy: Welcome to MochaHost's Live Help ! How may I hel...


Jan 30, 2010 02:40
the email. Them comment my case because I have had problems with mochahost, I buy a service that was in supply, I paid 121,64 dollars, when I begin to use it 2 months after I detect it that my site was very slow and when I enter webadmin (sql2008) I detect a database with over 100 tables the database called anantuk_careerguru occupying in my web admin and created by the main user of mochahost and they said me that leave there beacause it should be there and who created? I ask them to erase it and when they deleted that database my site functioning faster. In these days my page not showed, now they say to me that they have blocked to me to use lenguage abusive and profanity and that they are not going return my money. Who is the abusive and profanity people?


Nov 09, 2010 03:18
MochaHost is ridiculusly damn slow! database allways runs into connection timeout before it responses something.

Really guys support will say "there I fixed it" when they really didn't do anything, stick to the remarcable web hostings like goDaddy, HostMonster, and so.

Ray Irwin

Jan 22, 2010 07:04
My experience with Mochahost has been terrible, stressful, and discouraging to say the least.

Well, where to start. I opened up a VPS account with Mochahost 6 days ago. I had been previously on a shared server at Bluehost but while Bluehost was always a pretty good provider with great customer service we outgrew the resources that they provided. So...I attempted to make the seasmless switch to Mochahost.

Opening an account went smoothly. They gladly accepted my money (via PayPal), sent me a welcome email, and followed up with the details of my account/server/CPanel, etc.

I also transfered my domain name away from Bluehost to Mochahost. This actually went quite well and the transfer was completed within 24 hours. A day later I transfered all my files over to ...

Mark Williams

Jan 22, 2010 06:48
Hi, I have been with Mocha over a year. I signed up for the many features offered and the prices werent bad. Tried to use their OpenRealty feature but it didnt work and had to upload a new copy and set it up myself. Barring this and other minor problems, I was satisfied with Mocha until Dec 2009.
My 1 year account was about to expire. I chose not to renew/upgrade that account but sign up for a new account to benefit from the discounts that were being offered. I asked at that time (begining of Dec, 2009) that my domain be transferred to my new account so I could change my DNS for my domain to corespond with my new account.. I made this request several times, from both (old and new) account emails.
My God, who could believe that after 6 weeks of waiting, being sent up blin...


Jan 21, 2010 04:20
The Mochahost control panel doesn't work and they keep blaming it on plesk. VERY disappointed that the Mochahost tech support does not know how to solve this issue. And the tech support online isn't helpful at all. You can try.. they will just forward you to submit a ticket which never gets solved.


Jan 20, 2010 11:56
I'm so annoyed that i didn't find this review site sooner,

I've been hosted with Mochahosts for around the last 3 months, I purchased a reseller plan but only planned to host a single domain on it because we have quite a busy gaming clan site,

The shared windows server simply could not handle our site and was forever giving out error 503's which means that the server had run out of memory, add to this the fact that pages would take anything from 10 secs to 60 secs to load

After multiple attempts to resolve this issue through the "Live Support" and being told to submit a ticket instead, we were told that our site uses too many server resources for a reseller plan (yes, 1 hosted domain uses too many server resources on a server that is meant for reselling) a...


Feb 13, 2010 03:46


5 months, because I'm studiyng my master degree, for that reason I'm not alert and almost not logging, waiting to HAVE TIME TO WORK ON MY SITE OK.. you dont have excuses... "5 months"

GIVE ME A BREAK... you are smarte people, so, enjoy de money...


Jan 13, 2010 12:06
Don't do it!! They couldn't even transfer my domain in a timely fashion. Been 2 weeks now. Automatic submission doesn't work. Online chat just sends you to FAQ and Support ticket submittal. Support Tickets send you round and round. Never updated as they promise. Leaving a message at their phone number does nothing. I have requested a refund per their 30 day refund policy. We will see how that goes.


Dec 23, 2009 09:59
Disgusting service ...
No support, all system issues are resolved expense of the customer ...
Money back guarantee does not exist, billing service simply does not respond to letters and ignores tickets


Nov 20, 2009 09:59
Mocha Host obviously doesn’t like getting exposed. Kicking and screaming after the fact only makes Mocha Host look pathetic. Dear Mocha Host, I still have all the logs from the chat sessions and the support tickets and I can prove my allegations anywhere anytime.

Violation # 1: Excessive server load produced by your sites:- I kept asking mocha support, which site was causing the overload and they never had an answer for me, nor they were able to tell me what kind of overload was my site causing.

Was it an excessive use of bandwidth? The stats doesn’t show extraordinary traffic. Almost all the sites have about 100 hits a day and if they cannot handle 100 hits a day, I believe that they should not be in the business.

Was it excessive load on CPU or Memory? If they had...


Nov 10, 2009 10:49
worst host available at present!
such a pathetic service,cheap price but most of feature doesn't work,they give lots of advertisement in their site but when u purchase a hosting plan,u will understand,most of the features they disable and anything I ask they ask me upgrade to dedicated server or VPS and pay more money!

azlan kundi

Nov 09, 2009 06:57
very bad mochahost..i purchase vps server from them a couple days ago. i received automatically email respond said the server will be setup between 24-48 hours,..

its been 48hours left but my virtual server still not yet installed.

they non-experience customer service said,

" you need to wait.....blablabla.."

what a bad customer service.. very unhelpfully..they also seems not professional with server setup..

to other visitor who need to use mochahost, i suggest u try other host 1st..


Sep 23, 2009 07:28
Mocha Host is just a SCAM.They deactivated my business account after getting paid in full for 3 years in advance. The reason they gave me was that I'm using my business hosting account for resale. They don't even have the commonsense to check the whois database and that would have shown them that I own all the domains hosted with them. I tried explaining and reasoning with them but there is no meaning in reasoning with someone who's primary intentions are to SCAM the customers.

My Legal department will be filing a law suite against MochaHost. Since I'm not alone here we are also looking into filling or amending the case later as a class action law suite. I'll post further contact information if it turns into a class action law suite.

Their Customer support is terrible. An...


Sep 18, 2009 08:14
Mocha seems fine except they limit you when they say they don't. The plesk control panel takes like 3-4 minutes to load a screen. NO joke! They are friendly.

Alexander Viz

Jan 12, 2010 12:16
STAY AWAY I prefer not to give my hosting domain name as I am still hosted with them and I am worried they will delete my site or do something to retaliate. My experience with Mocha Host has been horrible. They were very friendly when I contacted them with questions but once they have your money they will change a lot. They took almost 4 days to solve a simple issue on my site. I was desperate because I wasn't hearing from them and I submitted many support tickets. They baned me from their support system and delayed my case even more as a retaliation. Yes, this company is cheap but not worth the nightmares. STAY AWAY


Nov 17, 2010 08:36

I have experience with more then 50 hosting providers

they are the worse

steal my domain

didn't get my linux VPS on air for over a month

Low level of not reading what I write customer service

Get yourself out of there


Feb 19, 2010 09:29
Over the past 5 years or so, I have had too many bad experiences with their customer support to list here. They are rude, unprofessional, and above all unhelpful. In 9 out of 10 situations, a representative over live chat will simply respond "I'm sorry but I cannot help you with this" without explanation or recourse. They explicitly restrict phone contact and rarely address specific concerns voiced in emails or over live chat.

I have attempted to remain patient this whole time, but recently I decided to cancel this service after my account was suspended for hosting "illegal mp3 content", which in reality was recordings of my band (that we owned) used for our website. Seems that the mere fact we chose mp3 encoding for our songs flagged our account for suspe...


Dec 12, 2010 05:01
I don't even get access to the control panel since day 1. Don't sign up with this hosting. The support is terrible. The link to CPanelX that is given in the welcome email is dead.


Apr 10, 2011 03:36
Mocha-isäntä on huonoin isäntä! Rahan tuhlausta!
Minulla on VPS-taso 4 mocha-isännältä. Pysy poissa! Kahden kuukauden ajan minulla on 645 seisokkia, joiden seisokit ovat 12d 6h 12min 36. Palvelinten käyttöaika on 59%. Todella paha. Käytän palvelinten valvontatyökaluja, joten tiedän jokaisesta palvelimen seisokista, vaikka nukun. Tukiasiat ovat hyvin tietämättömiä eivätkä vastaa kysymyksiisi. He eivät myöskään koskaan ilmoittaneet, miksi palvelin oli poissa käytöstä. Turhautumista turhautumisen jälkeen. He isännöivät vahingoittamalla verkkosivustoni sijoitusta, suosiota ja tuloja. Luvattu & quot; rahat takaisin -takuu & quot; älä toimi! He vain sivuuttavat sähköpostini. MITÄ VIRHEELLINEN YRITYS! En osaa kuvata kuinka vihainen olen.


Apr 28, 2011 03:48
Paras pysyä poissa, koska Better Business Bureau antoi arvosanan F on paljon valituksia heidän liiketoimintakäytännöistään, kuten yli veloituksesta, tilien virheellisestä keskeyttämisestä yrittäen pakottaa asiakkaita maksamaan enemmän turhista päivityksistä, jos heillä ei ole kelvollista yhteysnumeroa, heidän online-keskustelunsa on tarkoitettu vain myyntiin ja ei auta teknisissä ongelmissa, heidän palvelimensa eivät ole vakaita, on paljon seisokkeja, he eivät maksa tytäryhtiöille, he eivät tarjoa verkkosivustollaan mainostamiaan, kuten rajoittamatonta kaistanleveyttä, he eivät kunnioita sopimuksiaan, eivät hyvitä sinä ...

Concern Pip

Jun 09, 2011 06:05
This hosting provider is a liar. dont entrust your business with them or you will regret it.

After I pay them instantly, I haven't receive anything from them but trouble tickets with insignificant answer.

It will take 4 hours for them to reply, and if you talk to their live person they will say that they are not allowed to talk to their admin.

they have very poor customer support. try looking for lots of review regarding mocha host. you will find tons. It was a mistake of me not do research first before paying them.


Jun 13, 2011 07:25
Ei hyvitystä luottokortilta
Tämä yritys pyytää luottokorttini nro tarkistusta, joka on mielestäni yrityksen vilpillinen teko. Ja he eivät ole suorittaneet hyvitystä viiden päivän kuluttua, jonka yritys lupaa. Olen todella vihainen heidän palvelustaan.

Nelson Owens

Aug 14, 2011 03:59
MochaHost Sucks
Minulla on ollut tili Mocha Hostissa yli 2 vuotta. Ensimmäiset 2 vuotta olivat OK - ei hienoja - vain OK. Yleensä kaikki toimi. Kesäkuussa 2011 asiat menivät alamäkeen. He kertoivat minulle, että he aikovat siirtää mt-tilisi toiselle palvelimelle ja että olisin alas pari tuntia. Asiat eivät ole toimineet sen jälkeen - nyt elokuussa 2011. Verkkosivustoni vähenevät päivittäin. En voi kirjautua heidän PLESK-paneeliinsa. Saan jatkuvasti tietokannan aikakatkaisuvirheitä. Ei tukea. Heidän vastauksensa on siirtyä uuteen ympäristöön. He rikkovat oman järjestelmänsä ja heidän vastauksensa on, että korjaan sen.

Aug 17, 2011 10:48
I will not recommend this to anyone not even to my enemies. We curently have a vps plan with them (which we were forced to buy up from our old business plan due to them hiding few basic facts from us during the sales cycle)

1. Server is frequently down.6 to 7 times in a week is the norm.

2. Tech. support is pathetic. They will resolve the issue only when they work and during business days. All the claims of 24 by 7 support is hollow.

3. Sometimes you just talk to these guys on chat n they will resolve the issue in minutes.. if you ask them the reason , nothing will be given.

4. No escalation matrix for any issue. You need to be on their mercy all the time even for critical issues.

5. loads of hidden cost.. they always want to you to upgrade ...


Sep 22, 2011 02:29
Mochahost Kaikkien aikojen huonoin hosting-palvelujen tarjoaja
Hei kaikki,

Jos aiot ostaa jotain mochahost-palvelusta, takaan, että saat ruuvattua.

He asettivat verkkosivustoni alas 15 päiväksi,

He käyttivät kaikkia mahdollisia syitä kieltäytyäni pyytämästäni ongelman ratkaisemisesta, ja palvelin on käynnissä.

Katso koko toiminta: tai TÄSTÄ

Sain myös kiinni heidän työntekijänsä George P. @ Mochahostin olevan iso valehtelija tukilipulla.

Minun oli välitettävä valitus heidän laatu- ja tukiosastolleen, he ottivat George P. pois lipuistani ja joku muu ratkaisi asian.

Muista, jos saat George P: n vastaamaan lippuasi, sinua tuhotaan, kun hän ...


Nov 23, 2011 11:08
Petokset ja rikkomukset jokaisessa vaiheessa.
On järkevää maksaa vain 3 kuukaudesta. Muuten ne estävät kaiken. Ne edellyttävät siirtoa toiseen suunnitelmaan. Ei pääsyä tietoihin ja tilastoihin, ohjauspaneeli. Kirjeesi eivät vastaa. Mene vain kalliille suunnitelmalle. Kolmen vuoden sopimusta ei kumota. rahaa ei palauteta.

Ne pyyhkivät käyttäjätietoja. 14 Gt on poistettu päivällä lataamisen jälkeen. He eivät löytäneet linkkiä pääsivun tietoihin.
He hallitsevat tietoja ja poistavat ne. Kuka on eri mieltä - katkaistu. Jälleen kerran, älä käytä FTP: n HTTP-ohjauspaneelia.
Ladatuilla tiedoilla on oltava linkki sivustoon, muuten tiedot menetetään. Ja kaikki tilini on estetty.

Täysi kirjeenvaihto ...


Jan 09, 2012 10:44
mochahost on petosyritys
Tämän tarkoituksena on ilmoittaa suurelle yleisölle Mochahost-yhtiötä vastaan, jota johtaa jotkut bulgarialaiset ja joka on rekisteröity LLC Kaliforniassa USA: ssa. Yhtiö väittää 100%: n käyttöajan ja näyttää myös paljon palkintoja ja todistuksia erinomaisesta tuestaan ​​ja isännöinnistään, mutta itse asiassa tämä hosting-yritys on yksi pahimmista hosting-yrityksistä, mitä olen koskaan nähnyt elämässäni.

Ostin tältä yritykseltä yrityspalvelutilin noin kuukausi sitten. Kahden ensimmäisen päivän aikana kaikki näyttää olevan kunnossa.
Yritys näytti minulle niin paljon palkintoja ja todistuksia, ja heidän vastauksensa oli loistava ennen myyntiä.

Olin myös tyytyväinen tapaan, heidän myyntitiiminsä antoi minulle vastauksen ...


Jan 17, 2012 10:39
Ei ole sen arvoinen
Jos arvostat aikaasi, älä vaivaudu tekemään liiketoimintaa Mochahostin, pahimman hosting-yrityksen kanssa, jonka olen koskaan kokenut. He huijaavat sinua tarjoamalla alhaisia ​​hintoja, mutta se ei ole sen arvoista, sain toimimattoman IP-osoitteen, piti väittää yhden viikon ajan saadakseen uudet, useita sähköpostiongelmia, joita ei voitu ratkaista, he eivät anna hätää auttaakseen saat sivustosi käyttöön ja toiminnassa.
Hanki rehellinen isäntä.


Apr 28, 2012 12:28
Pysy kaukana näistä cowboyista, he eivät välitä, kun heillä on käteistäsi
En tiedä mitä muuta sanoa MochaHostista sen helvetin lisäksi. Esimerkiksi tällä viikolla yhdellä tililläni on ollut DNS-ongelmia viimeisten 3 päivän aikana, eikä he ole tehneet mitään.

Kaikki tukiliput päivitetään "sivustot toimivat hyvin täällä"

Olen selittänyt heille, että se ei tarkoita, että tämä ei vaikuta muihin, ja tarjonnut heille jäljitysreitin, joka osoittaa ongelman olevan lopussa, mutta tämä jätettiin huomiotta.

Sain epätoivoisen viime yönä käskin heitä siirtämään sivustoni vain toiselle palvelimelle, mutta se jätettiin huomiotta toisella "sivustot toimivat hyvin täällä"

Loppujen lopuksi menetin itseni heidän ja lipun suhteen,


Jun 02, 2012 03:27
mochahost perseestä!
He paljastavat kaikki yksityiset tietosi, jotka annoit heille luottavaisin mielin publichin kanssa, kun ostat verkkotunnuksia heiltä, ​​ja koska heidän isäntänsä ohjauspaneelilla on aina ongelmia, et voi muuttaa näitä tietoja. kun avaat ongelmalipun, ongelman ratkaiseminen kestää useita tunteja päiviä, minkä seurauksena kaikki internetin DNS päivittyvät yksityisillä tiedoillasi!
Suosittelen, ettet koskaan osta mitään isäntää tai verkkotunnusta tästä paikasta, koska pääsy heidän tietokantaan on aina ongelma eikä useimmissa tapauksissa ole käytettävissä,
verkkosivustosi latautuu voimakkaasti ja monta kertaa ei ole käytettävissä, 99% seisokkeja! Ja lopuksi kun pyydät palautusta, he kieltäytyvät palauttamasta sinua, he ovat minulle velkaa noin 130 USD. lue m ...


Jul 27, 2012 07:15
Mochahost on kamala
Yritysni sivusto on lueteltu Googlen vaarantamana. Mochahostin tekninen tuki kieltäytyi antamasta minulle mitään muuta selitystä, mutta että henkilökohtaisella tietokoneellani oli virus. Juoksen linux; Minulla ei ollut viruksia. Minulle on selvää, että heidän palvelimensa hakkeroitiin ja he kieltäytyivät myöntämästä sitä. Olisin voinut menettää liiketoiminnan heidän kamalien käytäntöjensä vuoksi. Sitten kieltäytyi palauttamasta tilini saldoa. Ehdottomasti kauheaa!


Aug 08, 2012 06:31
Kaikkien aikojen huonoin isäntä
Mochahost väittää olevansa maailman suurin hosting-yritys. Aina kun etsimme Googlesta tai muusta hakukoneesta, saamme heidän bannerinsa sanan "Ei: 1". Nähdessään tämän mainoksen houkuttelin heidän tuotteitaan ja tilasin yhden VPS: n.

Olin tyytyväinen heidän käyttöaikaansa. Mutta tällä viikolla olin todella turhautunut. Sain tämän aiheen sisältävän postin, "[# KAO-738393]: Palvelimen tarkistus - tili keskeytetty". Sisältö on alle ..
& quot; Hyvä asiakas,

Seurantajärjestelmämme havaitsi, että palvelimen skannaus on suoritettu palvelimesi kautta.

Ongelman vakavuuden vuoksi olemme poistaneet VPS-palvelimesi käytöstä.

Yksityiskohtaiset tiedot on lueteltu alla:
blah blah blahs ... & quot;


Sep 24, 2012 11:10
Ajattele kahdesti ennen kuin heität rahasi
Olen työskennellyt mochahostin kanssa vuoden ajan ja se oli todella kauhea kokemus.
He ilmoittavat 100%: n (99,99% ennen) käyttöajan ja korvauksen huollosta - älä edes odota näkevänne jotain lähellä tätä. Pahin kuukausi minulla oli 70% (!) Käyttöaika. Ei DDoS-atakkia, ei ylikuormitusta, ei mitään toimia puolellani ollenkaan - todennäköisemmin mokka vain ylläpiti jotain. Mutta kun nostin lipun korvausta varten - he ehdottivat minulle 3%: n alennusta 100%: n sijasta, kuten heidän SLA: n mukaan piti. Selitys oli yhtä yksinkertaista kuin & quot; kaikki oli kunnossa puolellamme & quot ;. Minulla oli todiste harvoista valvontapalveluista, mutta kuka välittää, jos mokka on niin erinomainen.
Kun palvelu päättyi, minulla ei ollut aikaa ...


Mar 02, 2013 04:32
Olen avannut noin 10 lippua kuukaudessa, koska perusominaisuudet eivät toimi. Teknisen tuen ensimmäinen vastaus joka kerta on & quot; sinun on päivitettävä palvelusi & quot ;. Älä viitsi! miksi päivittäisin yrityksen kanssa, kun nyt palveluni ei toimi? Kakun kuorrutus oli, kun yritin luoda uuden kiskoprojektin Cpaneliin, ja se palasi virheilmoitukseen, jonka mukaan tätä toimintoa ei voida suorittaa, ellet päivitä kiskoversiota versioon 2.3.17 (jota minulla ei ole hallintaa) yli). Se toimi kaksi päivää ennen. Tuen mukaan minun on päivitettävä suunnitelmani vaihtaaksesi kiskoversiota. Jos etsit päänsärkyä ja kilpailuun perustuvaa teknisen tuen rekisteröitymistä Mochahostin kanssa.

Jimmy A

Apr 20, 2013 08:30
Katso parempi vaihtoehto, pysy kaukana Mochahostista
Mochahost oli erittäin hyvä vaihtoehto muutama vuosi sitten. Nykyään ne eivät ole samanlaisia. Heidän palvelunsa on huono, eivätkä he tee mitä lupaavat. Minulla oli esimerkiksi ongelma sivustollani, he kertoivat minulle, että ongelmani ratkaistaan ​​tunnin sisällä ... No, 18 tunnin kuluttua ja sivustoni oli edelleen poissa ... Se ei ole hyvää palvelua. Anteeksi Mochahost, olit hyvä yritys muutama vuosi ennen, mielestäni tarpeeksi hyvä, että suosittelin yritystäsi muille ystäville ... Mutta mitä sinulle tapahtui nykyään Mochahost? sinusta on tullut kauhea hosting-yritys. Ollakseni rehellinen, siellä on parempia vaihtoehtoja, Mochahost ei pitänyt palvelutasoaan ... ja sen seurauksena ...


Dec 07, 2010 11:47
I switched to them because they have fast servers. So it was at the beginning. 300Kb/sec.
Then I had to contact their customer service and, boy, what a nightmare. They are incompetent, un-responsive, and quite frequently just plain stupid.
First of all, their ad is misleading. It says: 2 domains free, ID protection free, domain transfer free but it turns to be that if you get 2 free domains, the ID protection or domain transfer are not free anymore. Or you can get one domain plus one ID protection. You learn this after you sign up and get the bill.
With time my site got slower and slower. And it was not the Internet part, it was the server. I show digital photos and the back end reads the image file, resizes it to fill the client's browser window, and records a click in the dat...

May 17, 2020 04:34
not the best experience, i suggest move to other providers in the market. it seems that the hosting is fast but not true..

Feb 11, 2020 01:39
I have a website running on another provider with no problem. I decided to test Mochahost, for the prices of its hosting plans and tried to install exactly the same site. Does not work! Support does not know why and also has no interest in finding out, limiting itself to blaming third party scripts. I tested it with another website that is running perfectly on the other provider and it also didn't work! Total waste of time and money!

Dec 23, 2019 04:11
The worst hosting experience in my life ... Absurd of such a bad thing, I only recommend it to my worst enemy. I wasted time coming here to alert you.

I have many problems to renew domains, access client area, site down, bad panel etc...

Dec 20, 2019 04:36
I would love to support such high quality of service from MochaHost. They always have fulfilled what they have promised to offer. Mocha host is best in many other best options like Blue Host, Domain racer, and Big Rock Who provide top quality service.

Dec 03, 2019 06:48
The advisor was really friendly, but advised me to go to another hosting company!
Enough said


Mar 29, 2011 07:42
Please be warned and do not use as they will not honor their contract and will sucker you in buying their cheap plans to later demand more payment from you (after your payment has settled) claiming you are using too many resources and forcing you to upgrade your plan. They will not refund you even with their guarantees. Please review the Better Business Bureau for their F rating.

I have copied over a previous post about mochahost which might be helpful for those who were a victim of their webhosting scam. Please see below


If you are a victim of that had LOCKED or SUSPENDED your accoun...

Nov 21, 2019 09:45
Worst site ever. Promised 100% online. In two weeks two times down. Service always says "sorry". In my opinion all information on their website is SCAM. They are extremely slow. THEY FORGOT TO CONNECT THE DOMAIN, so after two weeks ICANN stopped the Domain with a Warning visible for all clients. Mochahost said: "Sorry". Today down again during meeting in front of clients. Catastrophe, WORST. SCAM.

Aug 01, 2019 01:07
I have never seen before the worst hosting. It is extremely slow, support is useless, errors 503 all the time website is down completely. If you have a business, better forget about Mochahost. You will lose money and customers.

Jun 22, 2019 01:55
If you need support, do not expect that they know their products. I ordered a sitebuilder. Creating was quite easy, but publishing was NOT possible (I am an IT pro).
Support? None. For my 3 domains I had to change the provider.
So I recommend you not to use Mochahost.


Apr 21, 2017 12:17
Vältä niitä
Olen kärsinyt paljon heidän huonoista isännöistään, usein palvelun ollessa alhaalla ja erittäin hitaalla avustuksella, joten kehotin peruuttamaan heidän huonon palvelunsa ja palauttamaan rahani takaisin. He viivästyttivät pitkään, kunnes sain puolet rahoistani heidän ehtojensa mukaisesti.


Dec 02, 2016 08:59
The hosting was most of the time slow, sometimes it was down.
This hosting is good for testing and/or develompent but for sure not for production use.


Sep 18, 2013 05:07
Suuret valehtelijat
Valitsin heidät, koska heidän keskustelunsa vastasi nopeasti. Nyt kun olen heidän kanssaan, sivustoni toimi ylöspäin ja 9 tunnin ajan he kertoivat minua odottamaan ... sitten sivustoni oli hidas toinen päivä, ja tänään se oli kokonaan alas tuntikausia ... ilmeisesti he eivät huomaa nämä asiat....
Kun kysyt heiltä jotain, he yleensä pyytävät sinua selventämään ... ja sanon samasta asiasta ja sitten he saavat sen.

Ollut heidän kanssaan alle kuukausi ..... ja he eivät tee mitään varmuuskopioita, eikä heidän käyttöaikatakuuta ole koskaan käsitelty muutaman kerran kysyttyä. Kysyin myös, kuinka pysäyttää cpanel-päivitys, kun ne on ajoitettu jne ... ja kolmen kyselyn jälkeen luopuin.

May 14, 2013 05:27
Hidas, huono luotettavuus, kamala asiakastuki
Mochahost ylikuormittaa palvelimiaan, mikä johtaa hitaaseen kokemukseen. Ne estävät portin 22, pakottaen ihmiset käyttämään 2222: tä ssh: ssä; tämä on heidän puolestaan ​​epäselvyyttä, tehottomuutta, hankalaa ja täysin amatööri. Heidän asiakastuensa ei vastaa ja he eivät selvästikään välitä. Tämä on kauhea yritys, joka antaa kauhean hosting-kokemuksen. Jos et välitä luotettavuudesta, nopeudesta tai palvelusta ja haluat vain halpaa likaa, tämä on sinun paikkasi.

Sep 13, 2019 02:15
ei suositeltu
Tämä isäntä ei ole edes testattavissa, koska se on erittäin hidas eikä hinta ole kohtuullinen. Ehdottomasti ei yrityskäyttöön.

Sunil Manheri

Mar 27, 2011 06:10
Älä edes harkitse tätä palveluntarjoajaa
Jos teet liiketoimintaa ja harkitset tätä sananvastaista isännöidäsi verkkosivustoasi, teet yhden elämäsi pahin päätöksestä! Heidän palvelimensa ovat ylimyydyt, he voivat jäädyttää tilisi milloin tahansa ilman erillistä ilmoitusta, sivustosi on poissa käytöstä muutamaksi päiväksi. Asiakkaasi näkevät "Tilisi on jäädytetty -viestin" vieraillessaan verkkosivustollasi !!!

Tämä on todellinen kokemukseni heidän kanssaan, verkkosivustollani kävi vain 100-200 kävijää päivässä, ja eräänä aamuna asiakkaani ilmoittivat minulle, että verkkosivustollani näkyy tilin jäädytysbanneri! Puhelintukea ei ole, joten minun piti nostaa lippu ja odottaa 4 tuntia, jälleen ennalta kirjoitettua vastausta varten. He väittivät, että ...


Apr 09, 2011 02:29
Mochahostiin ei saada yhteyttä puhelimitse, he eivät palauta takaisinsoittonumeroonsa jätettyjä puhelinviestejä, ja he ovat suurten yritysten, kuten Yahoo ja Comcast, estolistalla, joten et voi lähettää sähköposteja ihmisille, jotka käytä näitä sähköpostiosoitteita. Peruutimme tilimme, kun huomasimme tämän, he kieltäytyivät hyvittämästä ja varastivat verkkotunnuksemme.

Katso, mitä Better Business Bureau on sanonut heistä.

Parempi yritystoimisto luotettavuusraportti: Mochahost
BBB-luokitus F
Yrityksen luokitus F
Mielipiteemme siitä, mitä tämä luokitus tarkoittaa:
Epäilemme voimakkaasti yrityksen luotettavuutta esimerkiksi ...


Mar 21, 2011 05:23
If you are a victim of that had locked your account preventing you from getting access to your own data, improperly suspended your account, had not followed their contract agreement, had scammed you such as in a bait-and-switch scheme, caused you financial damages and/or made false claims, such as that you had abused their TOS, in order to force you to pay more money to upgrade your webhosting plan, please contact the following organizations. The Santa Clara County District Attorney's office, BBB (Better Business Bureau), California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General (AG), the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) which is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), and th...


Mar 23, 2011 11:31
server not secure and down a lot of time chat support didn't have any thing permission to do any thing any issue will say to you you can open a ticket and when you do that no response you will have bad customer support bad servers boor company .

Subrata Kundu

Feb 01, 2011 09:44
its the worst service providor i have seen ever. they suspended my account for high use and not even let me download my data. I never got a good reply for ticket. its allways a single line reply with no solution and its ofcourse after 10 - 20 hrs. its like you are chatting with some one who is replying you after 10 - 20 hrs... lol... very funny... and chat suppot.. its amazing.. they just copy and paste same line again and again untill you go mad. DO NOT HOST WITH MOCHAHOST IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE NORMAL.


Jan 24, 2011 10:54
mocha is not a bad service, they are just what they say they are, A HOSTING COMPANY. The people on here whining about customer service have to remember that unless its broken on their end theirs nothing they can do. They wont offer development support, its fine flip some switches, read some discussion boards seek out others that have the service and see how they solved the issue. They give you fairly low level privileges even on the shared plans and you can screw things up fast if your not careful. Long story short its not a hosting company for wanna be webbies you have to know what your doing.


Jan 22, 2011 07:38
It took them forever to get my service started after they took my money. Then they contacted me and indicated I could upgrade to a far better service for the same price, then they never got the service up and running after a 7 plus days. Then the technical support told me and sent me a link to cancel serivice then I was told that I could no longer recieve technical support. Now still waiting on a refund.... DO NOT GET THIS SERVICE, IF YOU DO YOU ARE GIVING AWAY MONEY. YOU WOULD BE BETTER SERVED TO GIVE MONEY TO THE NEEDY


Jan 20, 2011 03:45
If you value your business and uptime DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT give these people your business. They are hands down the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with and I've worked with some bad ones. They claim 24/7 service but all that is is an online chat that just feeds you scripted answers and claims they will "escalate the issue" which obviously never happens. As I write this, I have been waiting 2 days for someone to respond to me. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE A DIME. I have never regretted giving a company my business as much as I regret this decision.

I would like everyone to know that I have absolutely no bias. I am not in the hosting industry or anything like that. I am a website owner and that is my business. I made the mistake of trusting this company to d...


Jan 18, 2011 07:04
dont do it, just dont wast your time :

check out my stories at the follwing site and save yourself from MochaHost.

mail me if you have questions whynotmochahost (at) hotmail (dot) com

Asif Al-Waqfi

Feb 08, 2011 10:14
Dont Host at their company for many reasons!
1- Took Them 1 week to reply that they created my domains which that didnt happen, coz my domains still available!
2- The Refund is away of stealing your money( payed 100USD, refunded 80USD= less 20USD)==Stealing your money

and their support kinda low knowledge people, and when you talk to them they are like (oh really!!!)


Jan 17, 2011 11:31
Hello: We were almost 2 months with a Dedicated Server in Mocha Host. During that period we verified that the support of 24 hrs. that they announce does not work. The person of chat is prepared to give automated answers and to send ridiculous links to the help pages. Then, the chat person recommend to send an e-mail to the Support Team. The Support Team responds only 1 asks each hour, where the answer can be: " Could you explain your problem better ? "

Finally we lost all the information of our site and the Support Team was decided not to respond more to our shouts of help. Then we decided to cancel the account, knowing that we will had to pay an additional month due to contract reasons .The worst thing was that after months we verified that continues cha...


Jan 12, 2011 02:58
We started with Mochahost over 8 months ago and since the start they have had constant issues and problems. I write this review not to be malicious but to warn other users who may be suckered in by their great prices and promises of 5star rated service - THESE ARE ALL LIES.

I will keep it in point form:

1. Managed dedicated server - A lie, it is a simple VPS (over-priced)

2. Live Chat - Logs you into a generic chat, where no one really helps you. The live chat person even goes as far as to explain, that we are not trained to handle your questions!!!!

3. Hardware - our hardware had issues from the start. Hardware would crash when the server needed a reboot.

4. Request reboot, 3x in one day!

5. They promise average wait time for an issue 24 h...


Jan 08, 2011 12:54
STAY OUT!!! Take everyone's advice. As of writing, there are 73 bad reviews here, and only 1 good review. So take your money elsewhere.

I hosted with them for 3 years. It lasted that long only because I had a web page that only I and a handful of other people saw. But already during all that time, I could never use their control panel- it was just too slooooowwww. Plus, there was also an instance when I lost all my email.

For 2011, I needed a dedicated server, so I thought of getting a server as an addition to my hosted website. Their chat specialists, and subsequently support team, proved to be beyond comprehension. Like others have said, they are all basically incompetent.

Chat says SQL Server Workgroup was included in the plan, then the order form charge...

Florencio Marchelli

Jan 06, 2011 05:13
My dedicated server was blocked SIX DAYS AGO because a phishing issue with one of the domains hosted and the abuse department simply ignores me.

I sent 10 emails, 4 Ticket updates and tried to speak with somebody via chat but they can't do anything, they don't know, is not their department, the department is after office, they can't .... nothing!

If I don't have an answer tomorrow, I'll instruct my lawyer to take legal actions against them and I'll post a complaint with ICANN to recover the control over my websites.

The best action I took in 2010 was quit from my job and start my company, the worst was the "Mochahost Adventure".


Dec 21, 2010 10:54
It was going ok for a while till there was server failure and then it call crashed. I lost my sites & data, it has been over 2 weeks now that my tickets are either not being responded to or being escalated with no resolution.

A Critical statuse ticket was responded after 12 hours so you can imagine the plight i am in where i dont know what to do next who to contact next.

The support department is pathetic, bad, worst, i don't want to use the F words here but it is real sucks big time.

their online support (Live Chat) is essentially a sales team and not support, they dont have a number where you can call them for support so you are stuck with the ticket support system.

the tech staff has not been able to fix any of my sites since their so called hardware ...


Dec 21, 2010 08:16
Engin21 Dec 10
I am using mochahost for a year and had lots of problems.
First is you buy an unlimited hosting plan but you can't use. Because there is a not working or very very very slow working plesk panel.So you can't make any configuration. Can there be a webmail problem and it can't be solved? There are lots of problems. I don't suggest mochahost to anyone.

MochaHost User

Dec 14, 2010 01:52
Don't do it!!! worst web host I have ever used!
Site & email has been down for 9 days now. Tech staff appears unable to fix their problems, or work with their backup system (if it exists). Hosting Company can not be reached by phone, only online 'chat'. Anyone I have managed to communicate with is not concerned the site is down or particularly interested in solving it.

If you value your online presence steer clear of this hole. You WILL lose contents, and be at the mercy of an incompetent technical and support staff.

Nelly from their 'online support' clarified they do not have phones or anyone responsible to assure issues are resolved.

who does not have phones..???


Jan 16, 2011 07:57
This is the response I got from mochahost after I declined their service to due rude and abusive behavior on their part when we did not approve of providing them personal and private information in order for them to activate an account that was canceled before we made any use of it. The account was cancelled before they charged my credit card but they charged the card anyway in spite of explicit instructions no to do it.
Note: the name of the person that send the email has been deleted for security reasons.

*** Hello,
You need to take your bipolar medication, as there is clearly something wrong with you.
We have refunded your payment, and you should use it for medication.

Billing Department
MochaHost~ The Online Central

VMA Group Pty Ltd

Feb 11, 2011 02:11
Scam Company!
Nelly: Welcome to MochaHost's Live Help ! How may I help you ?

Jacinta: Hi, it is now 4 days sinse has been taken down by
moch host four of the staff here have been told every day that it is with
accounts, can someone please tell us what is going on

Jacinta: UHV-258683

Nelly: Please wait while I investigate this issue for you...

Jacinta: LIJ-775573

Jacinta: we just want our website to reappear, we have hyjacked our emails
as of today because as you can understand a company not being able to get
emails is beyond a joke

Jacinta: we were told a few days ago from accounts

Jacinta: < Hello, < < You can reach the owner at [email protected] < < As
said in our last reply, your account ...

Terry G

Feb 03, 2011 10:35
Recently, they had suspended my shared account due to a high CPU overhead without warning. We switched to a Perfetto #2 VPS per their recommendation.

It's been 7 days, and while our website, NS, and domain have been ready, they continue to show our site as suspended. I have now written over 20 emails, begging them to remove the suspension flag, and they continue to do nothing more than ask for more information.

The issue of over-utilization and the account for which it was suspended no longer exists. How can they treat a viable customer this way?

Their customer service is almost non-existant and are largely unwilling to help. Most all answered emails are robots. The ones actually written by a human are few and some are even rude and accusory.

I cannot grade ...

WHy Do you need Name

Feb 15, 2011 12:12
They are not GOod at all because they have started my VPS but not updated NAme Server so it is not usable. I can not host any website.

Luis Cardenas

Mar 20, 2011 07:47
Thet lie, see this chat.
Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'James'
James: Welcome to MochaHost's Live Help ! How may I help you ?
Luis: Hi James.
James: Hello
James: What can I do for you?
Luis: I do not why I am having troubles with my new cpanel account.
Luis: Please try you access this alternative url.
Luis: :2083/
James: What is the exact error message you get?
Luis: Page not found
Luis: 15 minutes ago I had same issue.
Luis: yes
James: Is it ok now ?
Luis: let me see
Luis: nop
James: I successfully opened this site
James: Probably the problem is in your ISP
Luis: No, because I was navigating fine few minutes ago


Mar 17, 2011 05:26
Horrible service. No phone support. They listed phone no in the site and advertised return phone call. I left 10-15 calls in last one month. Not a single call back
My server and email was down 7 hours last week. Submitted an urgent ticket. They responded the ticket 2 days later and saying. Everything is working fine now and closing the ticket.
Today it failed 2 times and keep failing.
Chat good for nothing. They have no clue how server running and always ask you to submit ticket.
PLEASE DO NOT GO with this hosting even they offer free.


Feb 12, 2011 07:35
15 years in the web development business and i have to say this is the worst host ever...

signed up this morning early at 3am VPS Perfetto5 (top vps)
received first email with invoice and a link to login for billing and domains
but no login information
i send a support email (open ticket)
12 hours later no response
call and get an answering machine (answer machine says use live chat)
i use live live chat
i ask for my login information
Response: you login at this link (generic message pasted in)
my response: cant login without login information need login information
waiting waiting waiting
my response: hello you there?
response back: check your email
my response: already checked it no login information need login information
waiting wai...

Burhan Soylemez

Mar 10, 2011 10:31
Cancelation of my account on Mocha

About one month ago I set up an account on Mocha Host. I started having problems from the first day. Very slow hosting and a lot of problems on control panel etc.

Nowadays I’m trying to cancel my account and sending every day cancelation request. There is no response. During last week they are trying to take money from my credit card. Is it possible to get rid of Mocha?

Marcel Bradbury

Mar 03, 2011 05:09
I have had hosting with Mocha for over a year now. I have wanted to install software which was fairly simple and I've had 3 people try to install it and have given up with their tech support asking questions and trying to get answers. All three of them have left me. After hundreds of dollars later, I finally got it up and running, my web guy got another job and I started working on the site only to find it down again and them claiming that the traffic was exceeding their limits. I didn't even add one contact name to the software to get it up and running to the public and they shut it down. The software was a trade /barter software made with java. Quite simple and non threatening to the server. I am now sending another nasty letter. Bottom line is they don't care about their clients. I w...


Mar 01, 2011 10:42 Warning.
1. False advertising - They claim they offer unlimited domains, unlimited space and unimited bandwidth. But they will suspend your account at will without warning and try to force you to upgrade your account. They do not really give you unlimited bandwidth nor unlimited storage. This is false advertising which there should be a class action lawsuit against
2. Not helpful online support - The online tech support is completely useless and they will terminate the chat as fast as they can and just tell you to write a support ticket.
3. No phone. You cannot call them. If you request they call you, you might have to wait a long time if they even call you back.
4. Not customer friendly.
5. Mochahost does not admit problems. No matter ho...


Mar 13, 2011 08:46
Mochahost prices are cheap but there is a reason which they will force you to upgrade and pay a lot more than if you were to go to another webhosting that costed a little more in the first place. All the statements below are true.

1. FALSE ADVERTISING - They claim they offer unlimited domains, unlimited space and unimited bandwidth. But they will
2. SUSPEND YOUR ACCOUNT ANYTIME at will without warning and try to
3. FORCE YOU TO UPGRADE your account. They do not give you unlimited bandwidth nor unlimited storage. This is false advertising which there should be a class action lawsuit against Luring you to buy their cheap plans is a webhosting scam and trick which Mocahost uses to later try to force you to ...

Tomas Anderson

Feb 26, 2011 09:44
Mochahost must be the WORSE provider of all. I've never written to a forum before about a provider and that's saying something.

Just as a background I am a tech admin (senior) with a 17 year history in IT (hosting). Our company also has servers with: Codero and Singlehop (both respectable organisations) and VPS with Giga-host, Resellerzoom, ServInt and Hostupon and WHM services (just for backups) with around 7 other hosts.

We have a VPS with Mochahost (or rather would have but since 39 days its been offline; moved servers (by them) to "fix" it (didnt - they didnt check when they moved it so it never went back up), they DELETED all my data after the move to get it back up and then they promptly went down again..

We have been offline for more than a month wi...


Feb 21, 2011 03:43
Estafadores, nod evuelven el dinero, no configuran el vps,,las peores tiempos de carga que he visto, no responden a reclamacion de paypal y dejan pasar el tiempo, mucho ojo con esta seudo empresa, dicen data center en USA y te dan IP en Guatemala

Feb 20, 2011 09:35
They need to work hard to compete. They need to invest and hire the right people to support. My 12 year old son can do the job by just cutting and paste from the knowledgebase.
The server is so slow and they just move you around thinking that will solve the problem.


Feb 18, 2011 12:03
One of the worst hosting companies I used in my life.
Bad quality of services, Bad cosomer service.

There is no point of 24/7 online consulting. People don't know anything.
I made tickets every day for almost 3 months and no help.


Feb 17, 2011 07:25
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! 2 times in 1 day the VPS is down AGAIN!! 1st time it took 8HRS to bring it back! Now God knows how many DAYS will it take to bring it back up! Thank you Mochahost for the headache!!

They Have Facebook!! and Tweeter!! Blast their walls!!


Feb 16, 2011 08:46
I suggest every one for not to chose any plan from mocha host. if you still chose mocha then they will treat you as bakar (Goat).


Mar 01, 2011 12:41
I wish I had seen all these reviews before joining Mochahost. They are absolutely terrible!!!! The amount of problems we have had with them is unbelievable.

The site was recommended to us by my oldest brother. They seem to have lots of features with a good price tag. However they are based in the US and we are in the UK and I'm always weary of hosting companies in a different time zone because of the support you may need. But they have a phone number we thought, so should be fine...hmmmm

We started having problems when Mochahost suspended our account due to exceeding server capacity. They said we can either fix the problem or upgrade our account. We had quite a few videos on there so we thought we can use links to YouTube instead. But they suspended our account so we coul...


Jun 02, 2020 10:54
Great customer support! They always help us on time!

Pratic Tecnologia

May 12, 2020 01:58
Excellent, the best internet support, impeccable, 24hrs, problem solving very fast, very good cost benefit, I recommend

JuanPa Vasquez

May 12, 2020 02:23
Mochahost is a great hosting service, I've been using it for some years and never had downtime. The customer service is amazing and agents are very respectful and well trained.

Melissa Rosales

May 13, 2020 04:50
Mochahost is the best hosting service with an excellent atention


May 15, 2020 01:09
I used the chat support on mochahost and it was a 5 star performance, the issue got resolved in 5mins and my website was up and running.


May 15, 2020 04:46
Advanced Wordpress is awesomely fast with CDN & memcache


May 16, 2020 07:59
I can tell with confidence that almost all of these short 5-stars reviews are fake. If you are reading this message, AVOID this provider at all costs. It sounds cheap but in fact, you are throwing away your money- no matter how much. Their service is unreliable, slow, and almost every day down. I bared with them for 5 months to see some improvements but there was no avail. You should get used to seeing your website down for long periods. I'm using multiple web hosting services and the only one my email client always reports as disconnected or down is Mochahost. The most ridiculous (and of course shameful) part is their so-called refunds. THERE IS NO REFUND. When they refund something, they don't send you back the money. In fact, they refund it from their right pocket to their left po...

Khaled Altheeb

May 17, 2020 10:14
Very bad service with abuse from Patrick M. MochaHost - Level 2 Technical Support


May 17, 2020 10:37
Best support and always there for you!


May 21, 2020 01:15
Good service


May 19, 2020 10:36
Mochahost is simply the best. I have been using other company for my domain and hosting needs but always disappointed. I am so happy i found mochahost just by google search. They are light year ahead of others considering price, efficiency, response and a whole lot. I will recommend mochahost any-day anytime... God Bless you guys.


May 28, 2020 11:37
I thought I had found shared hosting that would be reliable. Wrong. You pay an unlimited number of hosted sites, but hosting can't handle a single small wordpress page. Waste of money.

Jose Zapata

May 30, 2020 04:31
So far I have had excellent experience.

Emmanuel Sule

May 31, 2020 03:30
Excellent customer experience. Incredible host service with almost 100% uptime. Staff are well trained, professional and are friendly to clients. I will recommend mochahost above other web hosting servicing companies anywhere in the world. Thanks.


May 31, 2020 04:02
Good value for reseller hosting


May 31, 2020 08:04
I was encouraged to have my own website and blog by my former boss who is into SEO/SEM. Coming from a fairly different industry, I haven't been lucky in getting hosting from practically all that I chose since 2005. I always get spam messages, my blog gets hacked, etc. Finally, in 2018, I bumped into Mochahost and I now have peace of mind that I have a stable, reliable, and efficient hosting of my website and blog at a reasonable price, especially for someone with relatively limited skills in the technical side of having a website and blog. Customer support is very efficient. I highly recommend Mochahost, especially for individuals who maintain websites and blogs as myself. I'm sure they have reliable offerings for small-scale, medium-scale, and big companies as well. I've been with Moch...


May 31, 2020 03:07
The worst time for their server to go down is when you're closing a deal with a prospect buyer on your website. You will end up loosing more money than sticking with them. To those looking for hosting provider, MochaHost is not the solution you're looking for. Run while you can.


Jun 02, 2020 11:43
I got to know MochaHost in 2018, when I was tired of looking among several servers for one that was really good, with UP-Time quality and low latency. Since then I am a customer and I can guarantee that it is excellent service and support, they have always served me until the weekends. That was a great differentiator. My server is not even the most complete, but it serves me in a surprising way. I recommend.


Jun 02, 2020 02:37
it s been a moment i ve been with mocha and i ve experience better service providing on problem solving issue on any package from them and quick result the provide.


May 24, 2020 06:17
Chat support is excellent.